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How We Work

  • Our stress-free modus operandi of video production, post-production, and marketing keeps your project running efficiently on time, on budget, and on message.
  • We deliver high quality and compelling video stories that move your healthcare audience to engage, learn, and share in their healthcare journey.
  • Physicians, caregivers and patients share their stories, expertise, and care mission through video purposed for omni-channel strategies- Social, Patient Portal, Web, Mobile- first, and Broadcast video content.


Video Production

3D Medical Animations

Hospital Custom TV Channels

Patient Education Content

Let’s Get To Work

  • Pre-Production Meetings with Clients

    Pre-Production Meetings with Clients

    Together with our healthcare and physician marketing clients we will listen, learn, and understand the goals of the project, and then execute it to gain maximum ROI for them.

  • Leadership involved in your Project

    Leadership involved in your Project

    We will be in constant communication along with status updates including requested timelines and creative updates.

  • Video Production, Post-Production, and Delivery

    Video Production, Post-Production, and Delivery

    Our talented team utilizes the most modern cams, lenses, and gear to deliver cinematic-quality video stories. With every project we always deliver value-added content meaning every video will also include and mini version for social media purposes, at no extra charge.
    We have the ability to produce up to 20 separate video stories in a single day for our clients to lessen their load on our video subjects that takes them away from their patients.

  • Review and Delivery

    Review and Delivery

    Using our proprietary proof portal, real time changes and suggestions saves our clients a load of time and speeds up our delivery to the client.

  • Result


    Our healthcare marketing clients will receive impactful video content that will move your audience to engage.
    We are reactive and our hassle-free best in class video production and social media marketing that stays on budget.

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